Acticon Technologies

The originator of the "Active Connector" technology, Acticon Technologies LLC (ACT) is a technology licensing company that was established to monetize proprietary intellectual property related to computer connectivity and communications. The Acticon "Smart Connector" technology is a de facto industry standard that was eventually licensed by over 95% of the “smart cards” (or PCMCIA cards) sold in the U.S. The technology is used for computer connectivity, networking and telecommunications, CompactFlash and other small form-factors.

Acticon Technologies is a portfolio company of IP Holdings LLC, the IP-centric merchant banking affiliate of General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent monetization firm. GPC was the exclusive licensing agent for the Acticon portfolio. The Acticon portfolio consists of five U.S. Patents, all of which have now expired.

Over several years, through negotiations and litigation, General Patent Corporation secured over 150 licensees for the Acticon patent portfolio!

To read about the patent enforcement campaign that succeeded beyond inventor Steven Farago’s wildest dreams, read “Everything you ever wanted to know about intellectual property but couldn’t afford to ask” (American Venture magazine, August 2003).