About Acticon

Acticon ImageActicon Technologies LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Patent Corporation. The Acticon Technologies division was established in 1996 to license and enforce four important patents in the data communications and computer connectivity fields, and was spun off as a separate limited liability company in 2000.

This innovative technology was developed by the joint venture between Rapitech Systems, Inc. and Anico Research, Inc., and two inventors, Dr. Steven Farago and Mr. Randy Brandt. Acticon licensed its patents to 150 companies, many of which are household names and leaders in the PC card field.

The patents owned by Acticon Technologies LLC are related to computer connectivity, networking and telecommunications. All the patents have now expired.

Acticon's award winning "smart connector" technology is now widely accepted as an industry standard. Acticon's "smart connector" technology received a prestigious Product of the Year Award by Electronic Products magazine in 1991. Over 95% of PC Card modems and PCMCIA form-factor I/O devices are licensed under the Acticon patents. (See licensees and press releases for more information.)